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Bring 25,000 no mistake, tone-on-tone combinations to your clients with The Dewey Color System Color Coordinator. As a Certified Career Partner, you will earn revenue and one-on-one training all while giving your clients the confidence in color matching.

Combine your Affiliate Certification with our We Make Color Easy Decor Consultant Program to maximize revenue!

Designer Benefits for Only $575.00:

• Earn Book Sales Revenue: Receive $10.00 per coordinator sold.
• Earn Revenue: Receive $2.00 per assessment sold.
• Web Site Revenue: Earn 10% on books, webinars, assessments and other items sold in affiliate program.
• Interactive Career Widgets
• Personal training on administering assessments.
• One on one starter training on Dewey Color System technology
• Earn your official Certificate of Training
• Relevant Self Help Articles
• Easily manage your sales in your affiliate control panel
• Host assessments on your own website
• Unlimited support at
• Personal 24 hour support

How it Works

After your certification, you are assigned an affiliate ID to log-in to your personal control panel. Your control panel is full of tools, marketing materials, sales tracking, and basic analytical software.

• The control panel provides all of the marketing tools you’ll need, including interactive quizzes, banners, and ads.
• Notification e-mails when there’s a purchase, so you will know when you make a sale!
• Revenue auto-deposited monthly into your PayPal account, amounts below $150.00 are deposited quarterly.
• Marketing software tracks “clicks” in real time from our user-friendly Affiliate Resource Center.

Self-Help Articles by Dewey Sadka

Our proven-success articles make building a foundation for students career simple.

  • How the Colors You Hate Can Lead You to the Colors You Love
  • Love Your Job In 4 Steps
  • Who’s the CEO? The Doctor or the Nurse?
  • With the globally recognized major personality factors identified, “The Big 5,” you can now share with your audience the personality traits of all major careers — Finance, Marketing, Administrative Support, Engineers, Sciences, Education, and much more!

Interactive Career Widgets

House one of our interactive widgets or videos on your site

The Career Widget:

This interactive, career talent indicator is a viral component that will build student interest.

careerWidget affiliate-signup-banner2