Educators Program


Bring today’s most accurate occupational assessment to your school, university or institution. As a Certified Educator Partner, students receive the Color Career Indicator 4.0 and the Career Leadership Evaluation 5.0 for education pricing.

Educator Benefits for only $575.00:

• Education Discount Pricing: Students receive assessments for $12.95 ($19.95 Value)
• Web Site Revenue: Earn 10% on books, webinars, assessments and other items sold in affiliate program.
• Interactive Career Widgets
• Personal training on administering assessments.
• One on one starter training on Dewey Color System technology
• Earn your official Certificate of Training
• Relevant Self Help Articles
• Easily manage your sales in your affiliate control panel
• Host assessments on your own website
• Unlimited support at
• Personal 24 hour support

How it Works

After your certification, you are assigned an affiliate ID to log-in to your personal control panel. Your control panel is full of tools, marketing materials, sales tracking, and basic analytical software.

• The control panel provides all of the marketing tools you’ll need, including interactive quizzes, banners, and ads.
• Notification e-mails when there’s a purchase, so you will know when you make a sale!
• Revenue auto-deposited monthly into your PayPal account, amounts below $150.00 are deposited quarterly.
• Marketing software tracks “clicks” in real time from our user-friendly Affiliate Resource Center.

Self-Help Articles by Dewey Sadka

Our proven-success articles make building a foundation for students career simple.

  • How the Colors You Hate Can Lead You to the Colors You Love
  • Love Your Job In 4 Steps
  • Who’s the CEO? The Doctor or the Nurse? 
  • With the globally recognized major personality factors identified, “The Big 5,” you can now share with your audience the personality traits of all major careers — Finance, Marketing, Administrative Support, Engineers, Sciences, Education, and much more!

Interactive Career Widgets

House our interactive widgets or videos on your site

The Career Widget:

This interactive, career talent indicator is a viral component that will build student interest.