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Our Color Biometric assessments deliver career recommendations,
even those you know nothing about.

And our coaching advice will empower you to succeed.

Color Career Indicator 4.1 (CCI 4.1)

Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations!

You receive a report of Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations; + 200 more related careers. One clicks delivers a by-occupation updated career statistics and career video.

#1 in Accuracy: With a 750,000 sample base built on Career Builder, an 80.2 accuracy, the CCI 4.1 has credentials higher than Myers Briggs. Credentials

Contains by-occupation: Percent Growth-2024/Projected Job Outlook/Salary Ranges/Nature of the Work/Educational Requirements/Accredited Schools/Job Responsibilities/Daily Tasks.

Occupational Videos: Videos are linked to each occupational recommendation. You’ll experience a career professional explaining each profession.

Career Support Evaluation (CSE 5.1)

Empower Success with Coaching Tips!

Learn the core motivation behind your most enjoyable career paths. This evaluation shares results based on three areas:

    1. Your Natural Talents
    2. Managing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    3. Balancing Your Life With Power Moves

Reinforces Natural Talents: This career overview indicates what you love to do and why it’s fun – with tips for improving performance- expect result-oriented guidance.

Supports Weaknesses: Turn past failures into success with advice that generates enthusiasm and opens doors.

12 Coaching Sessions Included: Based on your color choices, we’ll coach you throughout the year. Every 2 ½ days you’ll receive thought-provoking questions to fine-tune who you are, what you want and where you’re going.


Color Career Indicator 4.1



Career Support Evaluation 5.1



• The Color Career Indicator 4.1
• The Career Support Evaluation 5.1

($39.95 Value)


Consider our entire program for a discounted price. One two-minute Color Test produces both tests.
Our educator portal gives you the capability to save and manage all of your assessments.