DCS: Embrace Hue You Are

DCS_OrigThe Dewey Color System

Embrace Hue You Are

By Dewey Sadka

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What’s your favorite color?  What’s your least favorite color?  The answers to these common questions may reveal more than you ever realized.  According to a revolutionary new book, Dewey Color System® Embrace Hue You Are, one’s color preferences allow us to read into personalities, motivations and behaviors.

First developed as a business tool by entrepreneur Dewey Sadka, the Dewey Color System® has helped thousands of people identify satisfying career and relationship opportunities, while gaining empowering perspectives that help define themselves and the choices they make.  Now available to the public, the Dewey Color System® offers a unique “road map” to gaining more self-awareness and self-confidence by learning personal color preferences and their meanings.

“The goal of the Dewey Color System® says author Dewey Sadka, “is to give the reader an awareness of how they prioritize their lives.  Learning the rewards and consequences of the way you set priorities, empowers you to manage and direct your personality, focus on your passions and realize your potential.”

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