Career Program – 3. Create Career Planner

3. Create Career Planner

With so many careers and considerations, selecting your Dream Career has never been harder.

Where do you begin?

First-time job seeker:

You need experience.

• Investigate, where can you best get on-the-job training? Large and medium sized companies have formal training programs.
• Discount higher salaries or even somewhat unpleasant duties.
• Choose curriculum that will land you a job.

Career Experienced:

Find careers where you can use your expertise.

• Explore recommended careers that will expand your career path.
• Expand your list of available jobs by looking at job descriptions.
• Click on MORE JOBS. Find careers with higher growth, more salary.

Video: Map Your Success.

Create your Career Planner

The interactive planner will keep you on track, even when you hit a bump in the road.
It will also evoke better job offers and new opportunities.

Career Planner Example

After you receive your Top 25 Most Enjoyable Careers,

1. Click MORE INFO. Read about each career.
2. CLICK BOX next to careers you like.

4. Continue investigating MORE INFO and MORE JOBS.
5. Check FIVE (5) or more Careers.
6. Click GO TO CAREER PLANNER. See example.

Jane Smith’s Career Planner

• REMOVE SELECTED careers that don’t sound exciting.

• Go BACK TO ASSESSMENT to add new careers.

• Continue back and forth cutting and adding new possible careers


Jane Smith’s Career Planner

Now your real work begins! Read about each career in your planner.
No career is perfect. Look also for what looks easy. This means it’s a fit!

Don’t Chose a Job You’ll Hate.

Take your time. Don’t skip a step.

      1. Is JOB OUTLOOK positive- more than 7%?
      2. Believe WHAT YOU DO is enjoyable?
      3. Does WORK ENVIRONMENT feel comfortable?
      4. Are you OK with REQUIREMENTS?
      5. Is PAY enough?
      6. Still interested? WATCH VIDEO.

The MORE JOBS link has careers that can pay more and be more in demand. Consider taking a job to gain the experience needed for your dream career. Visualizing opportunities ahead is energizing.

Career Facts are Your Defense Against a Job You’ll Hate.

Making a Bad Career Decision?

Not Really Energized?

Perhaps, you’re not looking where this job can take you? First jobs tend to be mindless.

Feeling Desperate?

Realities like “You need the money, or You want to make a decision” can put you in an even worst situation.  Calm down. Be rational. Perhaps, your choice is better than you think? After you work there for a year, will you be able to gain a better job.

Motivations Aren’t Healthy?

Are you trying to impress friends or family? If so, you are going to pay a big price! Revisit your career more info fact sheet.  Ask yourself, will you enjoy doing the job every day?

Talking Yourself Into it?

Thoughts like “At lease the money is good” or “I don’t have to work there very long” will make work a struggle. However, if you’re getting good experience. Get a better attitude. Seeing yourself in one or two years will bring back your smile.

No Decision is the Worst Decision.

Make A Decision- Pick Your Dream Career!

Just do it! Decide on one career! Studies show that those who make firm career goals are 50% more successful. Other studies indicate that even a bad decision is worse than no decision. Many times, it gives experience needed to move forward.

See yourself doing the career.  Feel confident.  Be enthusiastic.  Others will respond with positive offers of support and opportunities.