Career Program – 1. Invest in Natural Talents

Invest In Natural Talents
Invest In Natural Talents
Invest In Natural Talents
Invest In Natural Talents
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The Dewey Color Career Program

We’re dedicated to helping you find your dream career.

Our Career Program will deliver everything you need to know.

One two-minute color test delivers both assessments.


• The Career Support Evaluation 5.1
The core motivation behind your natural talents

• The Color Career Indicator 4.1
Your Top 25 Most Enjoyable Occupations

• By-Career Statistical Reports
Our MORE INFO link makes it harder to choose a career you hate.

Our Assessments Are All About ….

Fun Careers for You!

This assessment highlights what you most enjoy-which is also what you do best. Based on your personality traits, this in-depth evaluation indicates workplace core competencies.

Use it as a gauge to decipher if a career is your best fit.  The Career Support Evaluation 5.1 works best in conjunction with the Color Career Indicator-Your Top 25 Most enjoyable Career list. Get a peak.

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The Career Support Evaluation 5.1
Full Report will remind you of your talents.

This affirmation will keep you on-track as your journey thought a maze of non-stop options.

Benefit from those that actually do the job

Experience below how 20 years of dedication built this assessment.

• 750,000 individuals surveyed, by occupation, on
• Those that choose “I Strongly Enjoy My Occupation” were matched against your personality.
• Your profile’s occupational list indicates which careers you will enjoy most.

Why Not Learn From Other’s Experience?

The Color Career Indicator 4.1’s biometric testing methodology, makes specific career recommendations, even beyond your job market knowledge.

Asked users from 1,000 occupations if they enjoy their current career

Those who chose “strongly agree” were evaluated by color preference

Electrical Engineers with high job satisfaction, for example, created a career evaluation

The Color Career Indicator 4.1 was validated against The United States Department of Labor and Statistics Job list of job descriptions. Unlike other testing systems, there were no assumptions. We succeeded in a direct correlation. The MORE INFO link is listed next to each career listing. It delivers occupational statistics- an in-depth view of each occupation.

Fact-Based knowledge is your only defense to avoid landing in a job you hate. The MORE JOBS link adds 240 careers that can pay more and be more in demand.


Investigate careers that you will love!