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Everyone knows being passionate about a career is the key to success, yet finding that perfect job is frustratingly tough. The CCI 4.1’s new testing methodology, makes specific career recommendations, beyond your job market knowledge.

Benefit from those that actually do the job

• 750,000 individuals surveyed, by occupation, on
• Those that choose “I Strongly Enjoy My Occupation” were matched against your personality.
• Your profile’s occupational list indicates which careers you will enjoy most.

Asked users from 1,000 occupations if they enjoy their current career

Those who chose “strongly agree” were evaluated by color preference

Electrical Engineers with high job satisfaction, for example, created a career evaluation

Occupational Videos From Your Report

Videos are linked to each occupation and housed on your site. You’ll gain the clarity to determine a passion-driven career path.

Occupational Videos: Each report listing is connected to a video.
First Hand Info: Each video creates the experience of actually doing the profession.
Fact Based Knowledge: Experiencing daily tasks grounds expectations. You’ll Gain the clarity to realistically determine your best career path.

Your Report Statistics

The occupational statistics on the report are provided and updated by the United States Department of Labor and Statistics. They deliver an in-depth view of each occupation.

25+ Sample group was very easy to detect. More self-esteem information can also aid in giving support. This needs more research to establish other indicators, triggers that make eating uncontrollable. 1-2,000 significance. More testing is needed to establish other significant factors. It has 82% accuracy.

This indicator is very easy to detect. It’s similar to children with Emotional and Physical abuse. It’s a one 1-3000 significance. A larger survey sample is needed to indicate the differences.

This pattern is already very distinguishable. It’s a small sample base, however of 15. It’s never been wrong, 100% accurate. Other patterns need to be also recognized. 1-30,000 significance.

This is a group of children who don’t get sincere hugs. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed. Help me help these children. It’s the reason I built and invested millions in the Dewey Color System. Yes, acting out can also be because they are tired or hungry. This is not the same. It’s full of anger.

Acting out, ultimately, can be a bid for being seen, valued and accepted as they are. It can be as though the child is saying, “Hey, Mom, why don’t you love meThey need to feel that “You will love them no matter what they do.”

“Help us, help those that can’t help themselves.”

Testing Children

Here’s How we did it. 

Students Benefit from Other’s Experiences

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