The Dewey Color System

A Guide to Managing Your Thoughts and Actions

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Welcome [name]!

You are about to experience knowledge beyond self-perception- your self-truth. In this report, you will learn how to redirect your thoughts and behaviors, without compromising the passionate power within you. Our mission is for you to “Change your life, not yourself.”

Experience, as millions already have, how living with the Dewey Color System can make your career journey a more fun, and joyful celebration. Our research has proven that color is innate. Use this evaluation as a guide to determine a successful career fit, reduce workplace stress, and empower your career direction.

Your Color Choices


Your Natural Talents

This section highlights your natural workplace talents- the tasks that you pursue with passion. Use it as a gauge to know if you will enjoy an occupation or an upcoming promotion. Be aware. When you don’t align your career with your passions, you create stress, and waste time and money. The more your career allows you to use your natural talents, the more enjoyable it will be.

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Managing Strengths and Weaknesses

This section uses your evaluation’s highest and lowest scores to evoke a more in-depth understanding of self through analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths will be confirmed, along with recognizing where your desires become excessive. Acknowledging your weaknesses will proactively avoid pitfalls. You will also see where your weaknesses can be strength.

Your favorite colors determine how you approach life. They indicate what you feel you need to accomplish to be yourself. Your least favorite color, on the other hand determines what you try to avoid and emotionally suppress. In confronting these concerns you gain the power to stay on track and not let incidental things distract you from your goals.


Balancing Your Power Moves

Is your perspective compulsive? Emotional? Or methodical?  Balancing your viewpoint will simplify your life. Under this section, you’ll find yourself confessing the truth behind a situation or your point of view. Then, the “Power Moves” will guide you on how to solve problems, improve an upcoming career interview or better manage a situation.

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