The Loyalist

Your Hopes:
You know the value each person brings to a relationship.
Others see you as an impetuous, forceful, self-protective person.
You want to know about the unknown. You try to map
your life into a logical plan for the future. At decision time,
your feelings can override rationality.

Your commitment to others provides you with a healthy
perspective of yourself. You passionately extend yourself
to others. When you get too close and they reject you, your
feelings play back an emotional review of your life.
Contemplating past emotional feelings makes you feel secure
and gives you the sense that you are on the right path.

Your Fears:
You take people and events too seriously. This makes it
hard, sometimes impossible, for you to remain objective.
You tend to shift the blame onto someone or something else
if things don’t go your way. Much of your misery is caused
by not letting go of the past. Retreating into your memories
only compounds your problems.

When you become upset, you exaggerate your responsibilities
and feel overwhelmed. Only when you’re emotionally
frustrated do you consider making changes. Starting
a new course of action makes you feel guilty, as if you’re
betraying others or losing yourself.

Getting It Done:
You’re disciplined and keep others in line. When you are
loyal or have ownership, you fight to keep what is yours.
You’re an overachiever and need autonomy to be at your
best. You like to get things finished without being interrupted.
Still, you need for coworkers to be loyal to you, and,
in turn, you are genuinely concerned about them.

Get Your Act Together:
Your need to complete everything can hamper your ability
to be open to essential information. This stubborn streak
will be your downfall. Don’t let your determination make
you miss the obvious. Listen for new options, even after
your decision is made. Let others contribute. Many times,
new ways of doing things will actually complement your

Your Great Lesson:
Your memories are the treasures of your spirit. They belong
only to you. Honor them by not getting tangled up in your
emotions. Learn from them and move forward.

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