The Rationalist

You in Action:
You are very rational. At decision time, you are unemotional.
This detachment helps you connect with new ideas and
information. Using only logic, you can see where others
are excessive and inconsistent. You cut to the truth to focus
on what needs to be done.

In the workplace, you are driven and desire advancement.
You expect others to recognize your levelheaded way of
doing business. You wish to make your own schedule without
having to report to a superior. Under pressure, you become
very logical-minded. This is the exact opposite of what happens
in your relationships.

When the pressure is really tough, coworkers seek you out for an
unbiased perspective. Helping them solve their problems makes
you feel special. When you hear emotions in their voice, you
don’t listen. This keeps you focused on the facts.

Go There:
Get in touch with your emotions. Try not to be a rationalist
all the time. If you follow your heart instead of your
head, you will be happier in the long run. You’ll better
understand the value of your commitments, and any
changes occurring in your life will fit your needs more readily.
You will gain the power to better direct those “illogical
feelings” others call emotions.

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