The Visionary

Beyond Words
You are a dreamer and a visionary—wistful, imaginative,
and eccentric. You’re preoccupied with the future. Your
dreams give you the mental discipline to concentrate and
stay on track. You need to justify your life by making a positive
impact on the world, even on those you don’t know.

Thinking about the future energizes you. Putting forth
your ideas and reshaping the world are key to your happiness.
You are seeking a more cohesive world. Making sure
that everyone is on the same page is a major concern. You
need agreement to initiate positive change.
You require recognition. The most idealistic of all the
colors, you are often distracted by your own schemes. Mood
swings have you feeling downcast one day and euphoric the
next. Too much validation from others can make you conceited.
Too little can make you depressed.

Setting Priorities
Your ability to visualize helps you be proactive. Blues can
fix things before they are broken! When you enjoy your
work, you become tenacious about achieving your objective.
This sends the message to those around you that you are in
total control. You can pull together a team. Isn’t that the
formula for a successful beginning?

You need to work for a company where you are appreciated.
When you are admired for your contributions, you
believe in yourself. You gain the confidence to see the big picture
of what the company needs or to develop something

Changes in your goals can create an identity crisis. You
can become so attached to your goals that you ignore good
advice from others. Question those that disagree. Ask them
about their concerns. Loosen up. The end result will be even
better than you originally envisioned.

Do It Right:
When you focus on achieving your dreams, your ideas
become so clear in your mind that you can easily see them
happening. This gives you the knowledge to be successful and
the confidence to believe in your goals. Others can assume
you will succeed, even when you aren’t sure what to do. You
have the power to create images of a bright future for yourself
and others.

Don’t Go There
You tend to be too rigid and see things as right or wrong, this
way or that. Your need to justify why someone disagrees with
you makes it hard for you to see other people’s perspectives.
Reality won’t live up to your expectations.

Get with it:
Allow others to exist as they are without any need to include or
exclude them. Otherwise, your false perceptions will continue
to make your life difficult. Others can see you as esoteric, even
weird, if you become too preoccupied with your thoughts.

Create Passion:
Accept others and situations as they are, even when they’re
not what you expected. You will become content with yourself
and better able to create a successful future.

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