Blue and Green:
The Anchors

You have fun nurturing and supporting others. Your endless
curiosity entices them to tell you what they are thinking.
You see people’s dreams and are sensitive to their needs.
You give them the self-confidence to believe in their own
capabilities. Your concerns for them make them feel important.
Your listening grounds them.

At first, you have a need to fit in. Others can assume
you are like them. Then the real you appears. Now they
must reacquaint themselves with a person they thought they
already knew. This authentic you might have less in common
with them than they believed. Because of this disparity,
you sometimes attract situations and relationships that don’t
provide you with what you need.

You listen intensely. You want to know how others
feel. This gives you the ability to hear music and languages
better. If the opportunity is available, you can play an
instrument well and speak your native language or other
languages with less of an accent. You are articulate.

When you become too comfortable or too earnest, you
neglect your personal growth and relationships. Be more
conclusive about what you expect. Then others will know
how to meet your needs, and your life will be more pleasing.

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