The Fair Critic

You in Action:
You see different ways of deciphering situations, even when
it is not acceptable to do so. You know how to categorize
and identify what’s most helpful. Since you’re such a fair
critic, you’re a natural at setting standards and judging people
and performances. Your talent lies in assessing the contributions
of others.

You often model yourself after someone you admire
and maintain a sharp lookout for a new guru or a new concept
that you can dive into completely. When you become
truly enthusiastic, you tend to lose yourself in your interests.
You become the characters in the book you’re reading or
those on your favorite television show. Since you often
adopt new ideas and behaviors, sometimes you appear

Go There:
At work, your attention to detail allows you to juggle
many tasks. However, your tendency to critically examine
information can be interpreted to mean that you’re not supporting
the main objective or that you’re not on the team. Before you
speak, choose who can hear or other ways to deliver your much
needed advice.

You talk to yourself a lot in an attempt to integrate your
rational and emotional sides. Respect both aspects of your
personality. There’s room for compromise. Stay focused on
your main objective, and don’t get distracted by other issues.
Your increased mental discipline will help you see the big picture,
and you’ll be better able to plan your future.

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