Blue and Orange:
The Builder

You demand an exciting life. You create it with your dual
personality. One moment you are the innovative freethinker
who wishes to construct a new modular home, and the next
moment you shift gears and become a traditional critic,
questioning why anyone would undertake such a thing. You
are a social enigma.

Your curiosity sparks wide-ranging conversations. You
thrive on them. This makes you fun at parties. Your friends
are a bunch of characters with very diverse interests.
Sometimes you stop and wonder how you keep finding
yourself amid such craziness. But deep down you know that
too much order in a social environment can restrict people’s

You want to believe that the world needs you. Often,
you become preoccupied with trying to make sense of social
situations over which you have no control. In the end, you
feel frustrated and emotionally depleted. You must realize
that the world is never going to be a perfect place. A person
can do only so much, and you will find that you’re most
effective when you focus on improving your immediate

If you’re not dedicated to a cause, it’s impossible for
you to be constructive. When you are in a situation where
you cannot give your all, move on. You need to be building
something, or you will get depressed.

If you like blue more than orange, you consider how to
build something new first, then critique your plan.
If you like orange more than blue, it’s easy for you to get
caught up in the thrill of the moment and forget your plans.

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