Blue and Purple:
The Thinker

You ponder existence. You need to know why things are.
The conclusions you come to allow you to see the big picture.
Your understanding of what is needed enables you to
make improvements. By focusing on the future, you think of
ideas and things as if they were already completed. You live
in this future vision. It’s a picture in your head.

You are at your best when you understand human
motivation and the laws of cause and effect. You are constantly
categorizing things to create plans of action. Without
these plans, it can be difficult for you to be organized. You
become a scattered daydreamer.

You are a trailblazer. When you’re committed to developing
new ideas and structures, you have fun. Making the
ideas in your head a reality allows your passions to soar.
When your faith is strong, you can assume things, regardless
of the truth. False assumptions about yourself or others can
throw you off base.

Your constant need to do something new can keep you
from appreciating what you have done. Too many pictures
in your head can make your life difficult. Situations or other
people will not measure up. Unknowingly, you can ask for
the unattainable, especially from yourself.

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