The Authentic

Your Hopes
You are down-to-earth. By recognizing your superficial
aspects, you become authentic. For the most part you do not
believe in an afterlife, divine judgment, or cruel fate. Things
just exist. Everything else is vanity. You are able to weigh all
the available options, thinking twice before making a decision.
Others might see you as intuitive. But in reality you are
simply free of illusions and well aware of the consequences of
your actions.

You prefer to live in the moment and appreciate the
pleasures of life. You are inspired by the charms of the world.
The more you experience your environment, the more you
express yourself. Doing is exciting. Activity makes you feel
more complete. You are constantly looking for new sensations
to spice up your life.

Your Fears:
Your fears are based on physical realities. Death, decay,
aging, and loss of faculties and happiness are your concerns.
You worry that your dedication has caused you to neglect
important areas of your own life. Then, when you declare
what you want, others can see you as selfish. Step back
before you act. Notice how each person contributes to your
life. Does he or she respect your knowledge? Is your loyalty

Feed Your Soul:
You wish to indulge your passions and live to the fullest.
You often have an exaggerated look of concentration in
your eyes. Your strong awareness of others’ needs creates
energy. It turns you on and allows you to get what or whom
you want. This is your power. You don’t take things personally
and refrain from judgment. You realize that each person
is out for him- or herself. That’s just the way of life.

Getting It Done:
As a manager, you fully comprehend situations before issuing
commands. You prefer to work in an environment
where you can be very supportive and keep others aware of
the day-to-day realities. Your realistic thinking helps you
make the most out of physical resources. You think about
making things better now, not later, and don’t dwell on the
past. Others are comforted by your keen awareness.

Get Your Act Together:
When you constantly ask questions to try to ascertain the
facts, others can assume you are less knowledgeable than
you really are. They don’t understand you’re trying to cut
through everyone’s subjective viewpoint. This is a big concern and could lead to your being passed over and denied
the recognition you deserve. Make sure to let others know
what you’ve accomplished.

Your Great Lesson:
Don’t try to be everything to those you are committed to.
Instead, focus on being deeply involved and committed to
experiencing your life. You’ll become more alive.

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