The Stimulator

You in Action:
Life is a game to be played. You demand a stimulating environment
and the time to enjoy it. Meeting new people, discovering
what your friends are thinking, and studying your
surroundings are ways you gather information. With a
probing curiosity, you uncover what you want and how to
get it. Ideas come together to create new possibilities.

Go There:
Use your foresight to see the value in each and every
resource. Playfully examine each thing around you. Let your
mind be free to associate the usability of resources or talents.

Make sure that you pause to communicate how you
made or connected things together into workable situations.
Your fast-thinking mind and uncanny ability to use
resources can easily be overlooked. Document how you
created exciting new things from nothing, and expect

Your Highs:
Downtime gives you the power to eliminate distractions and
rediscover what you enjoy. Methodically, you gather information.
You see truths impartially and encourage others to
talk about what they enjoy. Experiencing their passions
mentally stimulates you. You can make people get really
excited about doing something they generally would not do.

Your Lows:
Overemphasis on fun distracts you from achieving more
meaningful relationships. Making too many plans can be a
way of avoiding emotional issues. You’re so busy looking
for the next thrill that you often forget to appreciate what
you already have.

Your Healing Force:
Your excitement about the fun you’ve planned stirs passionate
desire in others to do something new.

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