The Compulsive Thinker

You in Action:

Your mind is full. This compulsive, non-stop thinking pace is
running down your battery. You need to eliminate agendas that
aren’t working. In doing so, you’ll make room for entirely
new perspectives that will deliver exciting opportunities!

When you mind is overloaded, it’s confusing. Too many thoughts
make it hard to determine exactly what you need to do.  Without the
mental clarity to manage your actions, you can binge out. For example,
compulsive eating or make you work harder, not smarter.

Go There:

Take some time off to relax. Turn off all distractions. Go for a long walk!
Disconnect. At first, you will feel uncomfortable. Later, however,
you will gain an inner awareness enabling you to clearly identify
your undesirable thoughts and distractions.

Eliminating those unnecessary repetitive thoughts is your next step.
Research has show this can be done by simply dismissing them.
Tell them, “Go away.” In doing so, your daily routine will gain the
objectivity to include what’s fun.

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