The Nurturer

Your Thoughts:

You’re the perfect audience for others when they need to
discuss their problems. They interpret your concern as
encouragement to talk about their lives. They feel you can
see beyond outward appearances and truly understand who
they are. Like fertile soil, you nurture people so that their
dreams can grow.

You are initially open to the world. In fact, you probably
liked most of the colors in the Dewey Color System! You
appear innocent, but your curiosity makes you quite knowledgeable.
You know about life, either through your own
activities or through listening to others.

Your Natural Talents

You are practical and reliable. Everyone appreciates how supportive
you are and how you establish a nurturing environment.
You’re a natural at managing their talents. In fact, you
are excellent at managing materials and financial resources.

These qualities allow you to deal with the public. They
support your ability to do well in professions that include
interviewing, training, counseling, or working with children.
You need to work for a company that will be consistent in
interviewing, training, counseling, or working with children.
You need to work for a company that will be consistent in
its employment policies. This will allow you to feel secure
about your future.

As you mature, seeking a stable career position will
increase in importance. If your practical affairs aren’t in order,
you cannot be at peace. You need to be disciplined and work
hard if you are to acquire material possessions. Some careers
that will enhance your passions are banking, investing, insurance,
business management, medicine, or consulting.

Your Life’s a Party When . . .

. . . you know how others feel and they support and care
about you. When people need you, you are there for them.
You are good at listening to people and giving them solid
advice on how to solve their problems. Your concern for
their well-being makes them feel more secure.

Your Hang-Ups Emerge When . . .
. . . you question your identity or role in the workplace.
You can feel as if you are too close or dependent. Then,
you begin to withdraw and become consumed with
yourself instead of being the supportive person you normally
are. This can shock or upset those who count on you.
The more confident you are, the less this behavior occurs.

Be a Star:
Accept your sensitivity as a great gift, not a weakness. It will
give you the strength to better support yourself and those
around you. Cherish it and you will grow.

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