The Fixer

You in Action:
You have a tendency to try and help those around you,
even when it’s not expected. You need to fix everything.
You can even feel that’s it’s your obligation.  This creates
a oneness with your colleagues. They in turn become loyal
to you.

You need to get upset to understand what you want at times.
When you have an emotional burst, it can be a bit embarrassing.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s just your process. Explain this
those around you. Chances are they already know.

Your independent nature allows you to work for long
periods of time without asking for help. You feel like an
explorer. You go to extremes to make sure that coworkers
and customers are happy. You are concerned for them, as if
they were your children. You can, in fact, become so busy
saving others that you lose yourself.

Go There:
Don’t try to fix things until you’ve heard all the facts of a situation.
Be more selfish. Consider also whether or not it’s your responsibility
to fix it.

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