The Planner

You in Action:
You are focused on improving the future. Figuring out how
to make your ideas a reality turns you on. Seeing things
through to completion is the ultimate high. It gives you self-confidence.

When you’re focused on developing an idea, you have
the capacity to be the central, dramatic figure whom people
gather around. This directness makes you a natural leader.
When you’re in top form, no one questions your authority.

Go There:
Use your futuristic thinking to create orchestrated plans. Put
your doubts aside. Charge ahead with your inspirations.
Discuss your idea with those around you. Revamp your
original concept into a workable plan based on a consensus
of exactly what is needed.

Then jump right in, considering constantly if there is a better
way to realize your aim or even if you need assistance from
someone else. Your unwavering focus will radiate self-confidence
and propel you to success.

Your Highs:
Sometimes you have so much self-confidence, you feel you
can save the world. You love initiating new ideas, and you
safeguard their success by considering everything that can
possibly go wrong. You assume that you can make things
work. You are on a fast track to success. Others believe
in you.

Your Lows:
When your energy is down, even making toast becomes an
act of courage. You have no self-confidence and feel scattered.
During these low periods, you need a lot of attention.
When people believe in you, you begin to believe in yourself.
Many times friends help you to realize that your feelings of
disappointment are from having unrealistic expectations.

Your Healing Force:
Your deep need to plan your life inspires others to invest more in themselves.

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