The Procrastinator

You in Action
You are fun. Your fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mode is
thrilling, but can get you in loads of trouble. Not making
future goal-based plans can create turmoil, and later you
feel somewhat lost—without direction.

Don’t procrastinate. Are you willing to make a plan with a
deeper level of commitment ?  If not, you’ll find yourself
making uncomfortable, emotionally charged plans that will
be a waste of your time. Or others will guilt you into doing
what they enjoy even when you don’t enjoy it.

Go There:
Recognize that it’s easier to start new things when you
can visualize what you want. Conduct an investigation.
Piece together a plan for your future. Say exactly what
you’re going to do. You will become more focused on
success and have a lot more fun!

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