The Inquisitor

You in Action:

You are incessantly contemplating what is missing in your
life. You think about how it would feel to have certain things.
Your strong sense of logic and no-nonsense style help people
get to the heart of a matter. Even if they don’t ask for help,
eventually you will tell others what they need to do.

Sometimes it seems so obvious, you can’t help but blurt it out.
You’ll say exactly what other people are most afraid to hear.
You recognize the consequences of avoiding essential needs.

Go There:
Use your logic to pinpoint the questions that need to be
asked. Knowing the pertinent questions is as important as
knowing the answers. Be the inventive person that you were
meant to be. Don’t let a misstep stop you from being a winner.
Guide yourself, your projects, and those on your team
to new methods or better ways of doing things.

Your Highs:
Your steady consideration of what you want allows you to
exert logical control over what you start. You’re seeking more
change and adventure in life. Once you begin something, you
don’t quit. You grasp all the details needed for you to achieve
your vision. This talent gives you an advantage in conversations
and relationships. Others see you as a fast-thinking self-starter.

Your Lows:
You can become extremely introverted and get lost in your
thoughts. When others fail to see what you’ve come to
understand, you feel that you don’t fit in. Sometimes you
become consumed with your thoughts about what other people
really need. Don’t be so full of yourself. Answers are not
always available and others’ needs are not going to be the
same as yours.

Go back and examine the period before your
intense involvement in a project or relationship began. Why
did you start it in the first place? Then, clearly communicate
your thoughts about what you need to discover. Others will
understand more readily what’s needed to perform well on
your team.

Your Healing Force:
Your inward focus motivates others to contemplate what
they really need.

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