The Avoider

You In Action:
You tend to avoid looking inside yourself to view what is
missing in your life. Instead of contemplating what needs
to be added or changed, you simply avoid the topic. Not
questioning, “What’s Missing,” makes your life

Lack of acceptance of what’s occurring can create emotional
reactions. All of a sudden, you can find yourself in the middle
of all kinds of adventures. The bad news is that the adventures
don’t meet your needs; they’re simply what was available to you.

Go There:
When you find yourself repeatedly feeling that a situation or
something you want is complicated. Look again. Dismissing
acceptance of your present reality is a waste of your time. You
need to accept how you feel or what’s actually occurring around
you. Truth is always simple.

Muster the courage to ask yourself the “Tough Questions.“ No, it’s
not complicated. Logically dig deep into your stressful issues.
Accept the way things are now as your self-truth. Then, revisit the
rewards and consequences of your new, but true reality. Chances are,
you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

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