The Enthusiast

You in Action:
You surround yourself with friends who challenge you to
grow. Your mind is seldom at rest. You are searching for
inspiration and a sense of magic in your relationships and
undertakings. The world is your oyster, and you know how
to get the most out of it for yourself and others. You have a
genuine desire to bring about positive change.

Go There:
Use your enthusiasm to regenerate yourself and those
around you. Getting excited about what you already enjoy
releases unlimited passion. Opportunities will seem just to
appear. Teach your coworkers and loved ones to window-
shop—to concentrate on looking and not buying in to any
one person or situation. They will see new avenues that will
create more results with less effort.

Your Highs:
You regenerate people. You have the power to spark new
possibilities. Your need to believe in people helps them to
believe in themselves. What they have longed to do becomes
something they can do. You help others to see what will
work for them.

Your Lows:
When you don’t prioritize, you initiate new things without
finishing what you have already started. Many of your ideas
might have been brilliant, if only they’d been realized.
Herein lies your frustration. To cope with it, you need to
seek help to complete your tasks. After all, you didn’t really
want to finish all those projects you started, anyway.

Contemplate your feelings. Realize that you don’t need to
take on new projects to keep from becoming bored.
Completing things can be very exciting and rewarding. If
you’re able to say no to starting something new, that’s half
the battle.

Your Healing Force:
Your curiosity galvanizes others to open their minds and see
the opportunities in the world around them.

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