The Distruster

You in Action:
You need to feel inspired. But since you’re suspicious of
new situations and people, it’s difficult for you. When
you’re meeting someone new, your skeptical thoughts can
create a negative response. Be open to the idea that others
are just fine until proven otherwise. Only then will you be
able to know who they really are.

You attract others who are inspired by their environment.
Their enthusiasm opens up your life. They force you
to reveal your dreams to yourself. Recognize that you are
going to start new things. Why not, unemotionally with logic
only, start them on your own? Or otherwise you’ll find
yourself off on a new adventure which later you might regret.

Go There:
When your energy is down, pay attention to
your body language. If you are not looking forward to
doing something or being with someone, it would be best
for everyone, including you, to stay home.

Relax. Risk experiencing new things. Surround yourself
with people who inspire you. Smile more and you’ll find
yourself having a lot more fun.  New worthwhile adventures
will suddenly present themselves.

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