The Realist

Your Thoughts:
You are dedicated to your job, hobbies, friends, and family.
Your realistic view of the world allows you to identify what
is not important. You are a doer and understand that eggs
need to be broken if you want an omelet. You have a sharp
eye for spotting physical things that are not working. Since
you have the forcefulness of red tempered with the aware-
ness of yellow, you can get things done without ruffling

Your Natural Talents
You’re a very loyal employee who believes in what you do
and whom you work for. You’re the person who tells everyone
how great your company is. When your employer does
not return your appreciation by believing in and supporting
you, your loyalty is quickly withdrawn. You have the ability
to eliminate what is not important to you without expending
much energy.

You unemotionally explain the task at hand. Your
coworkers respect you for being logical. Even when they disagree
with you, they never see you as attacking them or their
positions. After all, you’re the one who usually has a clear,
practical purpose in mind before starting a new project.

You work best when there is constant social interaction. It
especially turns you on to be needed. Chaos is no problem; you
enjoy searching for solutions and doing a difficult task well.

Your Life’s A Party When . . .
. . . you are dedicated. By boldly asking questions that
others avoid, you figure out how things are made or how
situations occurred. This allows you to make changes without
disrupting or upsetting the status quo. By acting logically,
not emotionally, you help others realize the truth. This
is your talent. You make change less painful.

Your Hang-Ups Emerge When . . .
. . . someone is critical of something you have done or
should have done. You get defensive. The criticism becomes
a personal matter to you, one in which you feel that your
dedication is being questioned. Your objectivity goes out the
window. Don’t make such a fuss. No one is questioning how
much you care or how much you do. You care a lot and do
more than your share.

Be a Star:
Protect yourself by being dedicated to someone who is also
dedicated to you. Loyalty to the right person or position
makes you feel secure, and you become successful as a

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