The Pleaser

You in Action:
You’re a natural at keeping customers, coworkers, friends and family
happy. You’re concerned, considerate, and hardworking. Pleasing
others motivates you. On the downside, your strong desire to please
can make you commit to unrealistic deadlines.

You can miss the practical realities of how long it takes to accomplish
a task. You’re then forced to overextend yourself, working so hard
you become physically exhausted, even sick. Sure, sometimes you can
accomplish a great deal of work, but is it really worth it?

Go There:
Stop indulging your unrealistic expectations. Before you expect
something from others or commit to doing something, ask more
questions. You will see others underlying desires.  Ask them
what they’re expecting?  Then, question your ability to fulfill the
task or measure up.  Make sure you can succeed before your start.
Don’t attempt to change others into an illusion of who you want
them to be.  Accept the fact that everyone is doing exactly what he
or she wants to do anyway. Aren’t you doing what you really need
to do as well?

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