The Motivator

Your Thoughts:
Your search for personal power is certainly no secret. You
are reflective and thoughtful. Others see you as witty, clever,
and full of pride, and they are right. You need to show off
your stuff. You are strong-willed. You know exactly what
you want from others.

To say you can’t achieve something is to say that you
do not have possibilities in life. Others turn you on when
they challenge you. It makes you work even harder. Your
sense of drama wins people over. You are a great motivator.
Your enthusiasm creates endless possibilities. You see significance
in things that others miss. When your goal is defined,
you are a leader and people are willing to follow you.

Your Natural Talents:
Everyone knows how easily you can come up with new
ideas and ways of doing things. You salivate for a mental
challenge. This makes you a natural in the business world.
To construct something new is a big turn-on. It allows you
to see your own potential. You love to be included in the
developmental part of a project. In fact, you’re going to tell
them your idea even if they don’t ask.

Your dramatic expression helps motivate those around
you. You encourage the potential in others. Your sharp
tongue, however, can get you into lots of trouble, and
sometimes people will not hear your message correctly. If
your facts are exaggerated, others will lose faith in your

Your Life’s a Party When . . .
. . . you look into the cause of things and analyze all the
possibilities. You’re the first to speak up, even when no one
else will, and to take a stand against the crowd. Determined?
You bet you are! No one stands in your way. You have the
ability to do what those around you say you cannot do.

Your Hang-Ups Emerge When . . .
. . . you assume things that have nothing to do with a person’s
actual behavior. Dwelling on what should be or what
could have been can lead to a lot of disappointment.You
can become stuck analyzing your past experiences. Why
someone did something is not for you to say. This projective
thinking can even make you loyal to a person who has not
earned the privilege.

Your assumptions can make prioritizing the things you
want to do difficult. Be suspicious of yourself when you
claim to be too charitable or feel emotionally wounded. You
will make life a lot easier for everyone when you declare,
rather than justify, your wants. Be especially careful of
assuming you have changed. Small efforts are not enough.
You must deal with the issues that real change requires.

Be a Star:
Wisdom is gained by experiencing life. Constantly assuming
what will happen only eliminates possibilities and diminishes
your passion. Let each situation unfold on its own.

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