The Methodical

You in Action:
Facts come before feelings. You disregard emotions in order
to get a more precise view of the people and situations
around you. You clearly see when a relationship is not working
and can end it without a lot of wasted energy.

You have the talent of knowing what not to believe in. You choose
your friends and companions in a very objective way. You have
lifetime friendships. It is almost as if to lose a friend is to lose

In the workplace you are known for being very
methodical. This gives you the ability to handle an emotionally
charged situation and stay focused. You weigh only the
pertinent facts and then set priorities. You’re not a risk taker.
Excellent original ideas can be seen as a potential failure. You need
to know that it’s been done before.

Go There:
Open the lines of communication. When you hear something illogical,
don’t shut down. Encourage the other person to back up their
statements or do research on your own. Chances are they have a
valid topic worth discussing. However, the presentation or solution
was ineffective.

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