The Director

Beyond Words:
You know exactly what you want. Money, power, and status
give you a sense of security, but ultimately you use them as
a means of expression. This is your primary goal. You’re
not one to hoard your wealth. On the contrary, you would
give the shirt off your back for those you’re concerned
about. You are ambitious, driven, confident, and outgoing.

Red is a demanding, controlling color. It’s also a practical
color. You don’t want to remake the world in your own
image, as the blues do. You just want to be in charge of fixing
things. You have little tolerance for inefficiencies.
Even though your expressive style can make you
appear extravagant, you are conservative. You learn what
you need from past experiences. You are more realistic than
someone who likes blue, because you have less need for validation
and have a stronger sense of your own worth.

Setting Priorities:
Your practical approach allows you to evaluate things and the
people around you. You perform best when you are acting in
the best interest of others. Your thinking is consistent and very
fact-based. You help others around you to recognize the reality
of a situation, and you let them know when they are not being
practical. Your opinions and observations correct their focus.

You are motivated by the opportunity to direct others.
Money is important to you. You need to know if
you’re going to get your share. After all, money can be a
means of acknowledging a job well done, and it shows that
you are important to your employer. The accumulation of
resources is your way of proving your self-worth.

You believe strongly in getting it right the first time and are irritated
when others leave promises unfulfilled. You have little
patience with attitudes that reflect laziness or unwillingness
to work. You believe rewards must be earned. If this attitude
is carried too far, you can earn a reputation as a hard
taskmaster. Others may see you as a perfectionist.

Do It Right:
Express yourself with sharp exuberance. You make things
work better when you hold nothing back. Let your ideas
and plans land with a big bang. You are at your best when
shaking things up and getting things to work right. When
others recognize that you have clear motives and expectations,
they respect you or those you are protecting.

Don’t Go There:
You can be too direct and seek too much control of those
around you. Others can see you as too conservative, limited,
overly concerned with what has worked before and unwilling
to look at what might work better. You become negative,
too literal, and expect people to be as consistent and
rational as you are. This can create an environment where
positive change is difficult. At your worst, you are tyrannical.
Too much power can corrupt you. You can lose sight of
other people and be done in by your ego.

Create Passion:
Temper your need to constantly evaluate situations and others’
actions. You will see in detail what is working for you.

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