Red and Green:
The Resource Manager

Practical and nurturing, you teach others how to achieve
more value in their lives. No one fools you. You’re a
dynamic personality and know exactly what everyone is up to.
You’ve got a knack for knowing what is important. Like
a parent or a teacher, you are concerned about how to make
people’s lives better. Helping others boosts your self-respect.

You are at your best when you are directing the use of
resources. You start out very nurturing but become very
authoritative and even bossy. There is no middle ground.
You are either one or the other. This can be confusing to
those around you. People don’t always realize that even
when you’re being bossy you’re looking out for their best

When you are upset, under pressure, or intoxicated,
you favor your expressive red side. Without the calming
effects of green, you can really shock your friends with outrageous
behavior. If you like green more than red, this characteristic
is even more dramatic. If others act differently
toward you during one of your episodes of flamboyant
behavior, it is because they feel they don’t know you.

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