Red and Orange:
The Humanitarian

You honor individuality. You believe in walking your own
path and speaking your own mind without apologies. If
someone gets out of line, you’re not about to keep quiet.
You’re looking for unconditional love, and hope to create
an environment where people can express themselves without
fear of embarrassment.

You prefer the intimate company of the people you’re
close to. Big is not necessarily better for you. Small towns,
small companies, and small groups of friends hold greater
rewards. They allow you to feel worthwhile. Otherwise, too
many concerns, environments, friends, or even emotions can
eliminate your ability to see the truth.

You perceive what is not working for others. Then,
ready or not, you tell them about it. This can frighten away
those who don’t feel secure in themselves. Others see you as
loyal and protective.

Your action-oriented personality hides your sensitive
side. This is a defense mechanism. Open up. Show some vulnerability.
Like a magnet, you will attract the admiration and
respect you deserve.

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