The Self-Respecter

You in Action:
You value the individual’s right to a sense of dignity. By
immersing yourself in life, you are able to see what clicks
and what does not. Your ability to commit yourself to a person
makes him or her trust you. You appreciate the beauty
of a person by making the time to be with him or her.

Go There:
Use your sharp eye to monitor what is actually occurring
around you. Set limits and establish standards that ensure
each person’s honor and respect. Allow your unselfish devotion
to make each individual feel worthwhile, and you will
become stronger.

Others will feel your strength and gain the
willpower to celebrate people for what they do, not for
what they say or even think. Go ahead. Make the world
around you more authentic.

Your Highs:
When you let your spirit flourish and show your sensitivity,
your personal growth soars. You’re able to appreciate what
you have earned through your diligent efforts and make
equitable comparisons of your current circumstances and
relationships with those of your past.

You make things work, even if all the ingredients for a solution
aren’t there. By making aggressive suggestions about how to
improve the lives of others, you exhibit your greatest attribute
—true warmth in personal relationships. You appreciate each
person for who he or she is.

Your Lows:
In situations in which you feel a personal slight or injustice
against you or someone else, you take things too personally.
Even though your reaction is justified, don’t become overprotective,
critical, or even enraged. Compassion is more
appropriate than anger. People have their own problems and
baggage to handle.

Your Healing Force:
Your need to be respected encourages others to respect

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