The Impression Maker

You in Action:
You immerse yourself in being there for those you care
about. You may accomplish your goal, but in the end you
are no closer to understanding what makes you happy. Do
you sometimes wonder where you stop and others begin?

Touch is a very personal thing with you. In your behavioral
response to it, you either openly embrace it or avoid it
for the most part. However, you do have an emotional need to
be hugged and respected for the beauty inside you.
Be more authentic with who you are right now.  Others
will respond by honoring  and feeling closer to you.
In conversations with yourself, stop the harsh criticism.
Be more appreciative.  Isn’t that exactly what you need?

Go There:
Be more authentic to yourself. Pay more attention to
who you are, not to who you think you need to be. Feelings
of being unloved will go away, and you will be able to
express your true warmth. Otherwise, you’ll lose out and
feel like a victim.

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