Red and Purple:
The Synthesizer

You enjoy integrating the factual and emotional aspects of
situations. After something has occurred, you analyze the
event, cut out the nonsense, and pull people together to
make things work better. Others see your need for order as
somewhat formal. You are at your best when you allow
yourself to give advice or be direct. Being supportive makes
you feel complete.

Your body language attracts people. Your curiosity
generates action. You are sexy. New things may excite and
regenerate you, but they can also distract you from finishing
what you need to do. Don’t procrastinate; finish things
before your passion dwindles.

You have a need to know that situations and people
are what they seem to be. This characteristic is especially
evident when you’re in a bad mood. You become very controlling
of your environment. You see only the negative at
such times. You become so skeptical and over analytical that
everyone’s mood is spoiled. You need to synthesize feelings
and actions into a workable plan. Otherwise, directing your
future will feel like a hardship.

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