The Believer

You in Action:
You seek to develop your self-esteem. Use your excellent
communication skills and ability to empathize with other
people’s points of view. A great diplomat, you build people
up by actively listening and giving them positive feedback.
You want to help others become everything they want to be.
This behavior makes you feel important, as well, and helps
you fit in.

Go There:
Determine what specific skills are required to complete a
task so that you will see how to accomplish it. Many times,
believing in your own capability is mostly about knowing
exactly what to do. Simply focus on listening for the positive
rhythm inside yourself and others. Your strong belief, like
magic, makes your own and others’ wishes come true.

Your Highs:
Sometimes you get up in the morning and feel like the most
important person in the world. You feel you have the capabilities
to accomplish whatever you want. You see your
dreams within your grasp. Your past achievements become
personal victories that make you proud.

Your Lows:
Other times you feel as if you are not important at all, that
you are pleasing others, not yourself. This can make it difficult
for you to be creative. Stop being so concerned with
what others think. Be honest with yourself. Muster the
courage to speak up even when others do not want to listen.
You will gain trust and respect from your peers. They will
see you as more authentic.

Your Healing Force:
Your belief in others’ dreams makes them believe in

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