The Workhorse

You In Action:
You work very, very hard because you have a deep need to
show you are competent. Everyone know that you’re a hard
worker. Those close to you feel comfortable because they
know where they stand with you.

You may tell yourself that you don’t care about what others
think, but this is just a defensive ploy. You become emotionally
upset when others don’t appreciate you. Regrettably, this can
lead to decisions that you later regret.

When you voice or feel skepticism, that’s when you get
into trouble and you later regret what you said or the
impression you have conveyed. Even though you might have
been right, was there anything gained by being negative?

Go There:
Give people the opportunity to say what they really
believe to be true before you think about offering your own
opinion. Encourage them to seek their dream even when you
don’t believe in it. Remember, their dreams are about them,
not you. Appreciate their positive energy. You’ll become
more optimistic about your own wishes.

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