The Analytical

Your Hopes:
You give the gift of knowledge. Your suggestions make others
slow down and consider all the options. Your objectivity
gives you and others the ability to consider things thoroughly.
When you get what you wish, your hope is renewed.
You bring optimistic agendas and problem-solving skills to

Your satisfaction is linked to navigating options successfully.
You desire to better evaluate all things so that you
can integrate them with your goals. The world is yours for
the taking if you can distinguish subtle differences between
choices. By logically analyzing things before taking action,
you have the power to plot the future you want.

Your Fears:
Under pressure, you step back to gain objectivity. However,
too much distance can cause you to lose sight of what’s
important to you. It can keep you from making the best of
existing situations. Slow down. Remember to give your feelings
equal power. You will better know what you want.
Your world will feel more solid.

Feed Your Soul:
When you have enough space, everyone benefits. Having
breathing room in your work environment and relationships
gives you the power not to get bogged down with problems.
You also gain the ability to tell people about new ways to
make their lives better.

Getting It Done:
You are at your best when you can give advice on new and
better ways of doing things. You adapt well to changing situations.
Environments where you can meet new people and
experience new things invigorate your natural curiosity. All
this stimulation enhances your charm. It allows you to
appreciate who and what is important to you.

Get Your Act Together:
Don’t let your search to find the perfect solution destroy
your ability to make decisions. Be decisive. There are no
guarantees in life. Failing to make timely decisions will only
make matters worse. Constantly looking for new options
can also make others feel as though they are unimportant in
your estimation. They can lose their loyalty to you or feel
that you do not have confidence in them. Make sure you
make what is already working a priority.

Your Great Lesson:
Clearly communicate your need for extra space in your relationships
in order to see things objectively. Once others
understand your nature, they will better appreciate your
valuable suggestions.

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