The Connector

You in Action:
You summarize and conclude situations. This makes others feel
more at ease. You create a more positive perspective by clearly seeing
a situation and pulling things together. When working within
a group, you can diminish stress for others. It allows them to see their role.

When your spirit soars, you attract others like a magnet.
Talking to you makes them feel that they belong. This helps
you fit in. When you feel bad, change is almost impossible.
Many times you retreat right before you try to end something.
When you start to make a change in your life, you
panic. You see too many options, which can make you feel
confused or frustrated. This state is only temporary.

Concentrate on distancing yourself from your fear. Don’t
worry; you won’t lose what’s important to you. In fact,
you’ll see more clearly what you value in life.

Go There:
In comfortable work situations, your very presence
makes things come together. You inspire closer
teamwork among coworkers. When you do not consider
all the options however, you can run into trouble.

Have you investigated and considered all your possible resources?
Gotten input from everyone? Don’t miss out on
opportunities or make extra work for yourself.

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