The Diplomat

Beyond Words:
Finding common ground is the game you play best. You
calm troubled situations, bridge differences. Your awareness
of others’ perspectives enables you to express contrary,
unpopular feelings without offending anyone. By keeping
people listening, you establish a forum for solutions and
possibilities to unfold.

In one-on-one situations you manage to see and understand
the other person’s point of view. You accept what others
need without imposing your own will or agenda on
them. You accept people for who they are. You have a
knack for keeping the conversation flowing and know precisely where to focus your energy. In groups you keep to
yourself; unlike the blues, you retain your energy.

You’re a team player and enjoy the supportive role—
for example, you’d be happy as the person behind the president.
You are flexible. Since you are not a control freak or
power hungry, you’re able to focus on the task at hand. You
deal with the present and don’t dwell on the past or obsessively
plan for the future. You tend to be spiritual and life supporting.

Setting Priorities:
Your ability to understand everyone else’s point of view is a
very powerful tool in the workplace. Knowing how to
approach a potential client and getting the boss to listen to a
new idea are among your natural talents. Unlike the reds,
you are seldom too direct.

You have the power to establish new relationships and
move up the corporate ladder. People feel they know where
they stand with you, and they are willing to let you help
them. You are happy when you’re able to give of yourself.
For you, success means growing and learning. You’re
not overly concerned with money. You would much rather
be in a position that gives you a good feeling about yourself
than work at a better-paying job you hate. Be careful. You
can become too absorbed with the different facets of projects.
Constantly remind yourself of the larger picture.

Do It Right:
You have the power to take in the beauty that surrounds
you and really appreciate everything that life has to offer.
Being an integral part of the world is the source of all your

You achieve personal growth and enjoy the process
of living when absorbed in a task. You are at your best
when shopping, relaxing, or encouraging others to hear all
the facts before they stop listening.

Don’t Go There:
When you do things for others to avoid dealing with your own
needs, you don’t give yourself the time or the energy to think
about your own dilemmas. The more upset you become, the
more you immerse yourself in the concerns of others. In turn,
you become overly docile and unable to help yourself. Your
problems, of course, will not go away until you confront them.

Create Passion:
Discover those places that allow your fluid, easygoing
charm to resonate with people. Avoid overly structured,
repressive environments.

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