The Bottom Liner

You in Action:
When you really want something, others had better get out of
your way. Your sense of responsibility and urgency keeps
those around you moving forward. You create a sense of purpose.

You are constantly thinking, I must do this or that. Your
mind is one step ahead of everyone else’s. You are goal oriented.
This gives you the power to persuade those around
you to believe in your way of doing things. After all, you look
as if you know what you want, even when you’re not sure.

Your first thought is Why isn’t this finished already?
When your sense of urgency is overwhelming, you can send
out destructive messages. Others can see you as a person
who cares only about the bottom line and not about people.
You can end up doing things twice because you are sometimes
in too much of a rush.

Go There:
Slow down; enjoy the process of living. Before you
start something new, take the time to appreciate the important
things you have already accomplished. You will feel
more connected to the world and less isolated. Achieving
things is not the only measure of success. Recognize that
learning something is reason enough to feel good about

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