Yellow and Orange:
The Technical Thinkers

Your first thoughts are about how to get things done. By
establishing a systematic approach, you better understand
tasks, relationships, even life. Your realism makes others see
you as technical. You see yourself as one who maximizes

You playfully examine the talents and resources around
you. Your experimental approach allows the world to reveal
itself to you. Your discoveries give you the power to put talents
and resources to better use.

Fun, to you, means being emotionally committed to
investigating how all the facts fit together. You examine successful
parts of a task or relationship as if you were putting
together a puzzle. Each piece is a resource or a personal
value that can be used to make something new, or to reinvent
a relationship. To the amazement of others, you create
something original from what already exists.

Under pressure, your technical approach helps you to
see what has not been done. This can make others defensive.
They see you as being formal or rigid. Since you are usually
the first to notice when someone has made a mistake, you
make people worry.

Be especially careful if you are in an unstimulating
environment. Without new information steadily coming in,
you can find yourself in a rut. Others will view you as negative
or nitpicking. In actuality, you feel lost and are searching
to find what you want.

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