Yellow and Purple:
The Catalysts

You are on a journey to discover your passion for life.
Change fuels your inner fire. First you experience your environment,
and then you stand back and analyze it. This
sparks your growth and your concerns. You see the value of
each moment and have fun when you’re committed to personal

Your knowledge of spiritual truths inspires others to
discover their own spirituality. Your curious, investigative
nature enhances your intuitive powers. You help others to
become self-aware. By actively listening, making clever
observations, and expressing your feelings, you spark the
passions of others to initiate positive change.

You are a great communicator. You have the ability to
listen without bias, and understand the possibilities of what
could be. During conversations, you are a powerhouse. You
see right through things and grasp the real essence of what
needs to be done. You are at your best, personally and professionally,
when you are communicating.

However, in your obsession with change, you become
too concerned about the issues and items of your world. Use
your natural talent to know what is real yet see the possibilities.
Simply believe in yourself, and you will make the right
move. You know how to make positive changes.
If you like yellow more than purple, you first consider
the reality of a situation, then you see the possibilities.
If you like purple more than yellow, you consider the
possibilities for other people and things before you consider
your own future.

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