Yellow, Purple and White:
The Spiritual Wizard

You are on a journey to investigate who and what really
matters in your life. In the beginning, everything seems to
work. After a while, though, you are better able to recognize
the focal point of your passions. Then you begin to question
if you might be happier elsewhere, with different people or
in different situations.

You are steadily trying to balance yourself by seeking
new options for your spirit. New things allow you to
express your inner energy. You like to do lots of things to
see how it feels. You are having fun when your environment
is changing all the time. Isn’t this how you create more passion
in your relationships and other situations?

You know what people need in order to grow. Be the inspiring
force that you are, and make suggestions for others to
improve their lives. Create better reasons to learn and live,
as well as new spiritual perspectives that help you see hidden
truths. Use your excellent communication skills to
empower others to make their lives more genuine. Be the
spiritual wizard that this world so dearly needs.
Forever pondering what to do can hinder your growth. You
can become so busy that you lose your ability to set priorities
for yourself. Your world can seem to fall apart.
Trust your own beliefs about what would improve
things. You’ll find that you are usually right. Don’t get distracted.
Your power for making suggestions about how to
create inner passion is too vital not to be unleashed.

Your career decisions are based on personal growth. You
focus on how much you are going to learn. You prefer non-
repetitive jobs where you are always being asked to see fresh
perspectives. New things energize you. They reinforce your

You can do almost any job that involves constant
change. Fast-growing companies and project-oriented settings
where no workday resembles the one before will turn
you on. You need to respect the people for whom you work.
After all, you must believe in someone before you can learn
from him or her.

. . .
. . . you celebrate personal victories. Acknowledge how
you have helped others to be more passionate. Your personal
power will become even greater. You will see exactly
who you are, and you will understand how to regenerate
your own passion.

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