Coaching Calendar


Based on your color choices, we’ll coach you throughout the year. Every 2 ½ days you’ll receive thought-provoking questions to fine-tune who you are, what you want and where you’re going.

Why It Works

The Coaching Calendar uses your color choices to boost your mood and expand your ability to process thoughts. Calendar includes (12) twelve different sessions, each one encompassing 14 days. Based on your color choices, every 2 ½ days you’ll receive questions that empower your “Core Motivations” and “Life Lessons”. Expect to be inspired as you fine-tune who you are, what you want and where you’re going.

Motivational Messages

Using Natural Cycles, time zone adjusted, the Coaching Calendar connects to your daily thoughts. The messages advise when to slow down to manage a “Life Lesson” or charge ahead to benefit from “Natural Talents” Like a best friend’s objective advice, we’ll deliver clarity. Of course, change doesn’t happen right away. Be patient. Your Coaching Calendar will be here, day after day, to keep you on track towards a more fulfilling life.

Coaching Program’s 12 sessions

Rollover white dot on each color to see programs.

Coaching Calendar Only

Not connected to Your Personality Profile.
Receive you motivational 2 1/2 day message by text or email.


Career Support

Career Support Evaluation 5.1 includes Coaching Calendar connected to your profile.


Career Program

Includes Color Career Indicator 4.1, Your Occupational list, the Career Support Profile, and Coaching Calendar.