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Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations

The Color Career Indicator list was built from a 750,000-sample base on CareerBuilder. It includes an Interactive Career Planner to support better decisions. Get them also to click on the More Jobs link with its 500 + related occupations.

The O*Net Code, a US Bureau of Labor Statistics MORE INFO link, is listed next to every recommended career.  It delivers everything needed: the career’s day-to-day, hire-ability, pay, work environment, videos, and more. Encourage them to read everything and use their interactive Career Planner.

Success Coaching

The (DCS) Dewey Color System + Profile Connected CoachingThe DCS identifies their Natural Talents, the key motivations behind what they love to do. It will empower them to better manage their thoughts and actions.

The coaching program sends every 2 ½ days, an upbeat, profile-connected message, encouraging them to make better life and career choices.  Make sure they click to download our Apple, Android, or web apps to receive the bidaily coaching.

Counselor Management Program

Experience our Counselor Portal. After each student takes the test, you will receive a copy. The portal archives assessments and lets you know, (1) Number of tests purchased and not yet used, (2) files alphabetical, by-date and by-counselor for larger schools.

We are here to make your students a success. Included also is our guidebook. It breaks down step-by step how to best use the system. Rest assured. Your students will receive all the resources needed to choose a great career path, to become in control of their career destiny.

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After signing in, a click takes you to your Counselor Portal.

In your portal you can:

  • Email students tests one by one or 500 at one-time.
  • Access all sent and completed tests which are stored here.
  • File by date, name, or alphabetically. Separate by group or classroom.

Your Purchase Includes:
(One Color Test Produces Both Tests)

Color Career Indicator:
Top 50 Most Enjoyable Careers
By Career updated Info & Video

Success Driven Coaching:
Creates an in-depth understanding of what they most enjoy.

Counselor Portal
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