Q & A
Q & A


Use the questions below to help guide you through a more enriching career coaching experience.

A. Running a staffing company, my team learned more by asking, “What do you most enjoy doing?” When we matched an employee with a job they adored, they did a better job. And yes, we made more money. I gave many language-based evaluations, none of which indicated what others most enjoyed doing. Therefore, they had little value.

I saw myself on a quest to create a test that would confirm core motivation.

Using colors instead of language became the solution. Creating a valid test took six years and an investment of millions. Be prepared to view a new yet familiar perspective of who you are, what you do, and why.

A. Read about your natural talents.

Imagine being challenged each day, using your natural talents, and succeeding! It’s exhilarating! You’ll be able to see that there are lots of careers that would be fun. Afterward, you’ll feel good about yourself and your contribution.

Be strong. Don’t be influenced by others. Say true to yourself. You are already displaying your natural talents in your day-to-day routine with your friends and family. Now, find a career that allows you to do the same

A. This indicates it’s true. If you feel indifferent, it’s no longer an issue. 

– Indifferent Reactions, “No, it’s not you.” Perhaps, you used to have this issue? Did experience teach you how to manage the situation better?

– Negative Reactions indicate what’s holding you back. Get beyond emotional defensiveness. You’ll see a repeating pattern of frustrations. Knowledge is power. Learn from your past mistakes. Whatever you’re not aware of will run your life.

– Positive Reactions affirm your natural talents. Indulge yourself. Feel why you love doing it. Be aware. They can also mislead you into overdoing issues. Keep your passions next to your heart. This is who you are. Now, commit to finding a career that will allow you to express your natural talents.

A. Each color represents a personal value that you need to honor. Together they indicate how you prioritize your life.

Your favorite colors represent your hopes and aspirations. The ideals you pursue with passion. These colors also reveal the difficulties you experience when making your desires your only pursuit. If you are compulsive to do something, slow down. Reevaluate.

Your least favorite colors highlight the issues and experiences you try to avoid. After completing something, did you assume or avoid a crucial factor? Address your reoccurring consequences from your least favorite colors. Use your new awareness to address issues that you’re constantly avoiding proactively.

Your favorite and least Favorite color are the twin forces in your life. Knowing these will increase awareness of your personality, passions, and power. You’ll acquire the knowledge to create positive change without destroying your core motivation.

A. Imagine that you hate your job like 50% of all Americans. You go to work day after day, dreading every moment. Time moves slowly. After a while, your life will feel empty. Others will find you unexciting.

Protect your core energy. This doesn’t mean that you need to quit the job you hate. However, it does mean that you need to be looking for another job before your battery runs down. Invest in yourself by constantly fighting to do what you most enjoy doing.

A. Did you have a conflicting, slow to choose the decision in the 1st color test? If so, read about it below.

PRIMARY: Yellow Blue Red- You have conflicting goals. For example, a woman that loves red might not feel accepted as a strong woman. Holding back who you are will eventually appear; then what? Know that some will love you for being your authentic self. This internal conflict can also make choosing a career challenging. Make a firm, all about you, career decision.

SECONDARY: Green, Purple, Orange- You have conflicting relationship goals, making it challenging to be in a relationship. Trying to be all things to everyone is hard work. It can make it hard for others to give support, as well. The price of not defining what you need is enormous. What do you want? What do you expect from others?

ACHROMATIC: Black White Brown- You have decision issues, sometimes making it hard to achieve success. Realize that not making timely decisions creates unpleasant situations. It can make you co-dependent on others, as well. Don’t become distracted. Create a fulfilling future by dwelling on all considerations until you feel comfortable with the way forward.

A. You are many people.

This evaluation allows them all to speak. Pay attention to your self-conversation. Aren’t each of these different facets of your personality constantly chatting away? Listen without labeling something right and wrong. They are all expressing concerns that you need to hear. Accepting the pros and cons, not reacting, creates wisdom.

Constant noise can prevent the voices in your head from speaking. Take walks without music and phone calls. Do yoga. Exercise. Create mental space for your core energy to flourish. It will pay back a constant flow of wisdom on how to best invest in yourself.

A. Congrats, you found something that is holding you back.

Reread it. This time, dwell longer. You will discover a pattern of repeating issues. Revisit your past frustrations. How have they diminished your success?

Here’s a Dislike Yellow example of something that could have made you upset. When your sense of urgency kicks into gear, do you feel heard as a jerk? What social damages has this created in the past. Did you have to redo something as well?

But don’t stop there. Make a call to action, a mantra. For Example, here’s a Dislike Yellow mantra, “Slow down. Get it right the first time and not upset others.” Dislike Orange, “I won’t set my heart on something until I have a realistic plan to accomplish it.” Or Dislike Red, “I will make myself speak up, even if I feel uncomfortable.” Take charge of your life and express your mantra to those that support you. Create a more fulfilling career and life.