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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a revolutionary design-décor service that goes beyond today’s random color selection. It’s called “We Make Color Easy” and it’s based on the world’s only validated, color-based personality testing instruments— The Dewey Color System®.

The Dewey Color System has scientifically validated what everyone intuitively knows—that each color hue has a distinguishable quality. This energy, emitted through light, bears a physical characteristic that each person reacts to differently.

When a person surrounds themselves with their preferred colors, they are in fact subconsciously encouraging their hopes and aspirations. Non-preferred colors irritatingly give them the courage to see what they have a tendency to avoid.

By using the Dewey Color System’s color preference methodology, homeowners will improve the daily quality of their lives. After they have implemented their chosen colors, they will acquire their selected strengthens (i.e. discipline, focus, resourcefulness and so forth) and gain the impetus to better relate to and challenge the world around them.


Part one: consists of a homeowner choosing their favorite colors to make their home an all-about-them place. The homeowner learns why these colors are appealing and are advised of their “comfort colors”—the spectrum hues that sooth and inspire them. From these comfort colors a paint, fabric, and accessory color palette is established.

Part Two: fuses practicality and passion. The consultant uses the patented Dewey Color Coordinator to go room-by-room, skillfully addressing issues and concerns regarding décor, walls and accessories that tie in a theme and establish a requested mood.


A certified Dewey Color Consultant (DCC) is trained to skillfully guide a homeowner on a personal empowerment journey. First, they identify their client’s favorite colors. Then, they use the patented Dewey Color Coordinator—25,000 No-Mistake Color Combinations to ensure perfect color selections.


Our color certification course trains consultants how to select precise, perfect color combos for each homeowner without the fear of making an expensive color mismatch. DCCs are experts at measuring, selecting, AND coordinating color combinations that reflect and inspire clients.