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*CEU Approved Interior Design Courses Designed and Delivered by: Margi Kyle


*Difficult Clients Program Description: CEU .01

Difficult Clients…what do you do when that dream client turns out to be a nightmare?  Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, knows how to avoid such problems before they start and how to handle the problems if they start.  Learn how to run your business, create a brand for your business, and deal with the many personalities of your clients. Figure out which clients will make you money, and which clients will take your money.


*The Power of Color and Light working together Program Description: CEU .01

Color and Light— If you can’t see the colors at night, that you took hours to select and sell, you have not finished the job!   You will learn color language of 25 colors on the colorHow to narrow down the selection of colors in your client’s home & how to properly illuminate their space.  How to select the correct bulbs, and temperature of the light bulb.  How to create ambience through using the 4 different levels of light in a space, matching the bulb to the activity, color and feeling of the room.


*Color Wheel Confidence Program Description: CEU .01

Color Wheel Confidence: If you wiggle with your color selections, your clients won’t buy a thing. You will learn how to use the color wheel in new and exciting ways. Learn how the Achromatic colors will change the way you understand and use the updated color wheel. Understand the undertones and how to use them as color blends.


*The Six Steps To Success:  CEU .01

Six Steps to Success— Everyone can improve on how they work with their clients, family and friends.  We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. The audience will gain in-depth, hands on hour of understanding their personality, through the selection of the primary and secondary colors their eyes go to.  The order of the 6 colors tells the story of how they attack life, work and family.  A COLOR life changing hour of better understanding of who they are.


*Safe-T-Y Windows and Design: CEU .01

We are losing 1-2 Children a month, through cord strangulation. Window treatments are the finishing touch to any room. They can make or break the Designers Design by installing a window treatment that works against all of the other elements of Design in that space. Designers will have an in-debt look at how to up-date old blinds/shades and make them safe.  How to “Design a Window Treatment” that will finish the space through color, style, light and function. The Business Side of running a Window Covering Business. How to Protect not only yourself, but your clients.


Still Drawing and not Designing?

What design tools are best for the task at hand? Hand sketches, Manual products or Online 3D? Learn how to quickly create professional floor plans and room designs from blueprint, 2D to 3D. We’ll explore scale while I create a space using one of my favorite drag and drop programs;  Time is money, so let me show you how easy it is to create files, rooms and reports faster than ever before ~ using all interior elements of Design, to scale!  1 Hour delivered by seminar or webinar


PowerPoint 101 creates Powerful Presentations.

Learn how to dazzle your clients with Powerful Presentations using PowerPoint.  How to add animation, crop pictures, print screen, build a presentation from scratch to finish and then save them in a PDF.  1 hour and taught thorough seminar or webinar.


Marketing with VERY little Money.

From Branding yourself and your company to getting paid for advertising; it is all covered in Marketing with very little money.  Learn how to build a large looking design business with just a few people.  Today we, as Design Professionals, have to stay above the crowd in everything we do.  Learn from the best to be the best. 1 hour delivered by seminar or webinar. 


Tech is NOT a Four Letter Word.

Are your Clients Getting Difficult & you are not sure why? Are you still invisible? Are you up to speed with technology? A peek at what is “New” in The Design World. 1 hour delivered by seminar or webinar. 


2013 Color Direction

A look at where color has been and where it is in 2013.  Trends that are driving the color market.  How to forecast color directions.  How fashion and home furnishings work together to create the color directions.


Margi Kyle,


For over 40 years, this remarkable, captivating woman has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this Professional Interior Designer has contributed to this industry as an Interior Designer, Television Host, Radio guest, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Writer.  Her recent TV show was Desperate Design and currently is presenting webinars to the Design, Decorating, Staging and Window Design industry, through IDS,, Safe-t-Shade, Custom Home Furnishings Academy and Beautiful House USA.  Margi’s credentials include Professional level of ASID, IDS, WCAA, WITHIT, WFCP, DCI, and CCC.

Vice-President of Net Working for WITHIT.  Certified Coatings Consultant CCC, Professional Member for CAUS (Color Association of United States), National Past President for IDS (Interior Design Society), and Past National Vice-President for WCAA (Window Coverings Association of America) and Past Professional member of CMG (Color Marketing Group) & NSA (National Speakers Association). 2013 Presidents Award Winner for WITHIT

Margi has received her Master in Interior Design and is The Executive Director for We Make Color Easy- The Dewey Color System.  The Dewey Color System® is now the world’s most accurate test.  It uses color preference to create scientifically valid evaluations, programs, books, and self-awareness seminars.  Choose your colors, change your life!  Knowing who you really are and what you want will better equip you to handle and solve life’s problems.  You’ll have a better understanding of how to have more passion in your life, relationships, and career.

2010 Founder for: Little Smiles, Charlotte, NC Chapter. A non-profit organization that will do what it takes, for every child staying in the hospital, to put a smile on their face.  From Pizza to toys, we will make it happen.